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Unique formula, one of a kind, was used

in my family since XIX century and was created

by my great great grandfather Izosim Parszyn

who was a herbalist and had an amazing, unique relationship with the nature. He has lived his entire life in a little village on the outskirts

of The Siberian Taiga.

For over 100 years the formula is being passed from generation to generation and effectively manages variety of medical conditions that medications don’t, rejuvenating skin at the same time. It is an incredible proof that the best doctor

is an organically clean product given to us by the nature.

Currently, our products are manufactured by my husband M. Woelke, who loves and is close to the nature. Our family believes and is convinced that in nature clearly are seen invisible qualities of God

His divine nature and eternal power.



Resin - a substance present in conifer trees from evergreen family Pinacae of clear amber colour and dense consistency. Cedar tree resin is thought to be the richest of all resins. It’s better known name is turpentine. Resin is created as a natural protective mechanism when trees outer layer is disturbed. Covering injured area of a tree, resin solidifies, protecting vulnerable areas from bacteria, fungus, parasites or insects.

Those antibacterial and antiseptic properties make cedar resin a perfect medicinal product.

Cedar resin as an essence of a tree, contains huge amounts of phytoncides and other micro elements of antiseptic, regenerating properties, improves immune system, cleanses on cellular level and rejuvenates the skin and tissues. Because of the latter reasons, cedar resin is used in cosmetology. It’s regular use contributes to slowing down the ageing process of the skin, restoring its vitality and energy. As a topical medicinal product, resin is used to improve condition of nails (brittleness and breaking), hair (thinning) as well as skin for persons living in difficult climate conditions Siberian cedar resin is a wonderful gift from the nature of many properties, valued for many centuries. It revives and gives life.It owes its name to highly cleansing, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. It is used to treat difficult to heal wounds, skin ulcers, burns, irritation, rashes and as a healing and antiseptic remedy. Resin is also safe to use for those with sensitive skin as well as children.

Cedar is full of mysteries. It is unknown why milk wouldn’t go off in cedar dish, why moths don’t appear in cedar wardrobe, why ticks and mosquitoes are repelled by cedar’s ethereal smells and why bees, quite the opposite, feel great in cedar hive.

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